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December is National AIDS Awareness Month 

We are the only National Sorority who has a A34Life Project partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to provide HIV/AIDS education within the communities we serve.


Enters the Body through the

·         Lining of the anus or rectum

·         Lining of the vagina and/or cervix

·         Opening to the penis

·         Mouth that has sores or bleeding gums

·         Cuts and sores

·         Needles (syringes)

HIV is transmitted through…

Through Bodily Fluids:

·         Blood

·         Semen

·         Pre-Seminal Fluid Vaginal Fluid (Pre-Ejaculate)

·         Breast Milk

·         Anal, Vaginal, or Oral Sex

·         Sharing needles or injection equipment

·         From HIV-positive women to their babies

Ø  Before or during birth

Ø  Through breastfeeding after birth

HIV Acute Infection…

·         Also called – Acute Retroviral Syndrome

·         It frequently occurs in the first few weeks after HIV infection, before antibody test results become positive.

·         Persons are highly contagious during this period because of extremely elevated virus concentration.

·         http://www.cdc/std/treatment/2010/hiv.htm          

Factors that may Increase Rick of…

HIV Transmission through Oral Sex

·         Oral ulcers

·         Bleeding gums

·         Genital sores

·         Presence of other STDs

·         Semen in the mouth

How does HIV lead to AIDS?

·         HIV affects specific cells of the immune system, call CD4 cells, or T cells.

·         Then HIV destroys a significant number of CD4/T cells, the body can no longer fight off infections and disease. When this occurs, HIV infection leads to AIDS.

African Americans

·         Among young people aged 13-29, African Americans account about half of new infections.

·         In 2009, 50% of diagnoses of HIV infections among adults and adolescents were in Blacks/African Americans.

HIV Youth

·         1 in 4 new HIV infections occurs in youth ages 13 to 24 years.

·         About 12,000 youth in 2010, or about 1,000 per month, were infected with HIV.

·         About 60% of all youth, with HIV do not know they are infected, are not getting treated, and can unknowingly pass the virus on to others.


How can HIV be prevented?

·         Know your HIV status

·         Get tested if you had unprotected sex at least once.

·         If you are at increased risk for HIV, get tested once a year.

·         Abstain from sexual activity or be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.

·         Limit your number of sex partners. The fewer partners you have, the less likely you are to encounter someone who is infected with HIV or another STD.

·         Use condoms correctly and all the time.

Ø  “Natural” or lambskin condoms do not provide sufficient protection against HIV infection.

·         Get tested and treated for STDs and insist that your partners do too.

Preventing the Spread of HIV…

·         Male circumcision can reduce HIV transmission from women to men during vaginal sex.

·         Do not inject drugs.

·         You still need to be tested even if you are now in a monogamous relationship.

·         Obtain medical treatment immediately if you think you were exposed to HIV.

·         Sometimes, HIV medications can prevent infection if they are started quickly. This is called post-exposure prophylaxis.

·         Use protection even if you take Anti-HIV medications and your viral load is undetectable as you can still infect others.

ASK… For more information about the causes, risks, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

ACCEPT… Responsibility for knowing your HIV status and reducing your risk.

ACT… Responsible and in the best interest of yourself, your partner(s) and the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV Testing   Enter zip code and testing sites in a designated mile radius will be listed.

Text “KNOWIT” to 566948 with your zip code for HIV testing sites near you.














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